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Here are the milestones for future phases. Those are rough estimates of the work ahead and can be changed depending on the progress.

We have already reached Milestone 3!

#1: Initial Design - 02/2024

  • Overall network design.
  • Cross-network messaging mechanism.
  • Smart contract architecture.

#2: Smart Contracts and Indexer - 03/2024

  • Ethereum smart contracts implementation.
    • AVS Middleware.
    • Operator set update tracking.
    • Attestation BLS verification.
    • Storage slot proofs.
    • Unit testing.
  • Rollup smart contracts implementation.
    • Operator set copy and updates.
    • Attestation BLS verification.
    • Storage slot MPT proof verification.
    • Unit testing.
  • NEAR DA indexer.
    • Running NEAR node.
    • Parsing NEAR DA submissions.
    • Managing MQ messaging for consumer integration.
    • Unit testing.

#3: Node Development - 03/2024

  • Implement AVS node.
    • Indexer MQ consuming.
    • Rollup full node communication.
    • State root update message tracking and signing.
    • Operator set update message tracking and signing.
    • Checkpoint task initial handling (no-op).
    • Unit testing.
  • Implement aggregator node.
    • Message aggregation.
    • Checkpoint task requesting.
    • Attestation storage and serving through an API.
    • Pushing operator set updates to rollups.
    • Unit testing.
  • Set up testing environment.
    • Integration test.
    • E2E test.

#4: Challenging protocol - 04/2024

  • Set up checkpoint tasks.
    • Determine time ranges.
    • Improve Aggregator API for fetching messages in a time range.
    • Design and implement Operator message storage and merkleization.
    • Design and implement Aggregator message storage and merkleization.
    • Checkpoint SMT proof verification.
  • Investigate challenge mechanisms for each network.
    • Re-evaluate design if necessary.
  • Implement state root update challenge for 2 networks.
  • Implement challenger client.
    • Implement off-chain messaging indexing.
    • Implement on-chain messaging indexing.
    • Include SMT and proof generation.
    • Implement challenge sumbmission.
  • Explore other possible pitfalls.

#5: Operator Set Handling - 05/2024

  • Implement operator set entry/exit queue.
    • Discussions with EigenLayer.
    • AVS middleware.
    • Previous operator set storage on rollups.
  • Evaluate operator set using ECDSA signatures.

#6: Network Management - 05/2024

  • Design and implement dynamic network set changes.
  • Investigate heterogenous network support.
    • If viable, implement heterogenous network support.
  • Add support for other DA layers, such as EigenDA.

#7: Incentives & Penalties - Q4 2024


EigenLayer needs to implement payments and slashing before we start this.

  • Design and implement mechanism for incentivizing operator set updates.
  • Design and implement payment system for message attestations.
  • Implement slashing (only applies if slashing is implemented in EigenLayer core).
    • Determine slashing parameters.
    • Determine slashing process for each fault.

To be continued!